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International Sport Expo Kerala will be promoted as a leading exhibition in Sports, Fitness and Wellness industry, Sport Expo brings together brands, experts and consumers to emphasize sports and fitness as a profitable industry as well as an avenue for health and wellness. This event will offers a grand culmination of the top and varied sports, sports equipment, fitness and other related products and services with an aim to create awareness and excitement in sports and fitness arenas. International Sports Expo Kerala will offer an unparalleled networking event to tap into the sports, fitness and health markets all in one place. This event will create the background for signing of deals, providing the event an important marketing strategy for local and international companies.International Sports Expo Kerala will be the largest international trade show dedicated to sports, fitness and health industry which will be held once every year in Kerala. The main aim is to promote the Sports and Sports Goods Industry in Kerala. There is huge business opportunity in sporting goods sector in Kerala. The exhibition will bring together, manufacturers, leading stakeholders, top corporate, policymakers, dealer, distributors, retailers and sports management companies. It is expected to offer a common platform for bringing together to the state of Kerala the Sports, Fitness and Health industries together.

International Sports Expo Kerala drive to make Kerala an attractive destination for sports, this unique and first of its kind expo is expected to witness participation from over 100+ brands and 1000’s+ sports enthusiasts. International Sports Expo Kerala will offer an unparalleled networking event to tap into the sports infrastructure, Sports technology, Sports Science, Sports nutrition, Sports medicine, Sports performance, fitness and health markets and vendors all in one place.